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This page is typically updated in January of each year. The listing is in date order, alphabetical within each month. If the date is for the prior year, try clicking on the link to the website because it may have been updated already.


Folklore Village hosts numerous festival throughout the year at Folklore Village (near Dodgeville, Wisconsin). It has been around for over 20 years and has so much to offer. Check out their calendar.


Florida Presidents’ Folk Dance Weekend - February 15-18, 2013 at the Holiday Inn in Orlando. 2013 teachers are Ercument Kilic (Turkish) and Bata Marcetic (Serbian). Info at: www.folkdance.org

Laguna Festival (2013 is their 43nd Annual) - Takes place in Newport Beach, California in February of each year. Details, lodging & registration flyer at  www.lagunafolkdancers.org/ or contact: (949) 646-7082 or Email. 2013 features Željko Jergan and Christos Papakostas.

San Antonio Folk Dance Festival, March 15-17, 2013 - 55th year in 2013 - is held on the beautiful campus of Our Lady of the Lake University. Details, lodging & registration flyer are here. 2013 features Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu (Romanian dances), Jose Padron (Mexican dances), and Joseph Pimentel (English country dances).


Dancing Bears Dance Camp - Information about the Dancing Bears Dance Camp in Wasilla, Alaska the end of May (Memorial Day Weekend) can be found at www.thedancingbears.org/

Folk Tours Middle Eastern Dance & Music Camp - The 2012 camp was cancelled due to insufficient registration. No news on the 2013 Camp, if any. www.folktours.com


Ashokan Fiddle and Dance camp - June, July and August. Information about the Ashokan Fiddle and Dance camp in NY State can be found at www.ashokan.org/ashokan/camp.shtml

Mendocino Folklore Camp www.mendocinofolklorecamp.com - Each summer since 1962, folk dancers from across the United States and beyond have gathered at the beautiful Mendocino Woodlands to share a unique celebration of ethnic dance, music, and culture. Folklore Camp, pioneered by Madelynne Greene, was the first folk dance camp to use the Woodlands, and today we carry on the tradition and spirit of this ever popular event.

Pinewoods Camp - The International Sessionis held at the Folk Arts Center of New England's held in Plymouth MA at the end of June. Information can be found at http://www.facone.org/programs/program/pinewoods/pinewoods.htm or by phoning 781-438-4387. Children's and adult activities are offered along with swimming, boating, and music-making. The Pinewoods Band has been providing live music for all dance parties since 1991. Pinewoods Camp, Inc. offers other dance sessions throughout the summer. For that information see http://www.pinewoods.org/index.htm.

Scandia Camp Mendocino www.ScandiaCampMendocino.org   Scandia Camp Mendocino, an annual week-long residential camp founded in 1980, presents participants the opportunity to learn in depth about the folk music, dance and cultural traditions of Scandinavia. Camp usually takes place the 2nd or 3rd week of June.  Use the website to join the mailing list.  Pre-registration required. Scandia Camp 2012 will take place June 9-16 and will include dance and music of East Telemark, Norway as well as Western Dalarna, Sweden. Register as soon as possible as this camp often fills early.


American Dance Week - Put on by the Bay Area Country Dance Society in Jones Gulch Camp near San Francisco, California. Celebrating its 31st year July 1-6, 2012. Contras, music and more! http://www.bacds.org/camps/amweek2012/

Balkan Music & Dance Camps - The EEFC [Eastern European Folklife Center] runs two annual Balkan Music & Dance camps, West Coast in Mendocino, CA in late July and East Coast at Rock Hills, NY in early August

Kentucky Dance Institute (KDI) - Established in 1953, and meets in Murray, Kentucky (now at Murray State University) The 2013 dates are July 21-27 and this year's camp features English Country Dance, Turkish Dance, General International Dance, Square Dance and Social Ballroom Dance. Info: www.knobtiger.com (including registration materials).

Lark Camp (Full name is "Lark In the Morning") is July 26-August 3, 2013. Held in Mendocino Woodlands north of San Francisco, CA. Described as "a venue to allow traditional musicians and dancers to get together and share their music & dance ...without being in a rigid school structure. http://www.larkcamp.com/

Middle Eastern Camp will be held July 6-13, 2013 in the Mendocino Woodlands north of San Francisco, CA. The focus is Middle Eastern folk dance classes, belly dance classes instruction on Middle Eastern classical and folk instruments. http://www.middleeastcamp.com/Middleeastcamp/Mendocino.html

Nordic Fiddles and Feet  www.nordicfiddlesandfeet.org  - A Week of Swedish and Norwegian Music and Dance, June 30-July 7, 2013 at Camp Ogontz, near Littleton New Hampshire.

Stockton Folk Dance Camp - Information about Stockton Folk Dance Camp held in Stockton, CA in late July/early August can be found at www.folkdancecamp.org 2013 is this camp's 66th year!


Ti Ti Tabor Hungarian Music and Dance Camp - This camp is held At All Saints Center, Raft Island, WA. In 2012 the dates are August 4-11, 2013. Information on the Ti Ti Tabor Camp can be found at http://www.tititabor.org

English Dance & Music Week - Described as "... dancing, music-making, singing, and merry abandon" August 19-26, 2012. Put on by the Bay Area Country Dance Society in Bishop's Ranch in the wine country north of San Francisco, California. http://www.bacds.org/camps/eweek2012/ NO DATES FOR 2013 as of March 2013...

Mainewoods Dance Camp - Information about the Mainewoods Dance Camp held in Fryeburg, Maine August-September can be found at www.mainewoodsdancecamp.org/ The 2013 camp will feature 2 one-week camps from August 18-25 and August 25-31.

New Mexico August Folk Dance Camp - An annual festival in August at New Mexico Tech, Socorro, New Mexico sponsored by SWIFDI (Southwest International Folk Dance Institute). http://www.swifdi.org/. Children's Program offered. In 2013 (30th year) the festival will take place August 1–4. Email Jane Diggs, or call 505-299-0332

World Village Music & Dance Camp www.dancingplanetproductions.com - This camp takes place at Timber Ridge Camp in High View, West Virginia over Labor Day weekend (in 2012, that will be Aug 31-Sept. 3 NO DATES FOR 2013 as of March 2013). The international dance parties feature both your requests to recorded music and Balkan and Scandinavian dances to live music. The program includes dance, instrument, and singing classes throughout the day. Kids program daily. Info: Betsy & Jamie Platt at dancingplanet@erols.com; Phone: 301.717.4641


Pourparler - This gathering of dance educators takes place at different locations around the U.S. each year. These conferences are typically held in the fall (September/October). The 2013 conference will be in the Dummerston, Vermont. More info

Fontana Clogging Jamboree - Takes place at Fontana Village, North Carolina, in September of each year. Information about the Fontana Clogging Jamboree can be found at www.fontanaworkshop.com/



Kolo Festival - Takes place in San Francisco, California the weekend of Thanksgiving in November each year. For more information: http://balkantunes.org/kolofestival

National Clogging Convention - Thanksgiving weekend. In Orlando, Florida. More information found at www.clog.org

Texas Camp - Thanksgiving weekend. Thursday aftenoon to Sunday lunch, at Greene Family Camp, in Bruceville, Texas, (about 20 miles south of Waco). For more information, or if you are interested in volunteering, contact Camp Co-Chairs, Lisa Horn, at lisaehorn@sbcglobal.net, or Joan Furstenberg, at jfurstenberg@juno.com. 2013 is its 66th year! Website: http://www.tifd.org

The International Choreographers' Showcase - Choreographers are invited to submit their condensed professional resume, color pictures of the performers in JPEG format and program notes. A VHS NTSC FORMAT video or a DVD with the work to be presented is important to us to better serve your needs. The 2012 Showcase is in La Grange, Kentucky 40031 November 9-11, 2012. Website: www.danceformsproductions.com


Folk Dance Seminars (www.folkdanceseminars.com) - The aim of the site is to make FolkDanceSeminars.com a place where all people interested in folklore dances, music and songs could find easily some information about Folklore Festivals, folk Groups, seminars, workshops and weekends in their country. Postings about Folklore Festivals, Folk Groups, Folklore seminars are free of charge. If you want to *list* your festival, send further information about your festival, group or seminar to info@folkdanceseminars.com in order to add it to the site.

Need to add or update any camp and workshop information? Email the webmanager