There are hundreds of sites on the Internet with information about where to dance. Below is a SHORT list. Be aware that the listings are not always up-to-date and you should use any contact information prior to attending any group listed.

The sites below are fairly broad in scope. There tend to be international folk dance clubs and classes in the major city(ies) of most states. Most of those clubs/classes have a website.

If you use a good search engine and type in “international folk dance” and the state or city, you should get results that will connect you to dancing in that area.

New England:
New Brunswick, Maine:
Brooklyn Heights, NY:
Washington, DC:
Philadelphia and surrounding areas:
Florida and Georgia:
Sarasota, Florida:
Gainesville, Florida:
Columbus and central Ohio:
Des Moines, Iowa (contra dancing): http://contra –
Chicago and the Midwest:  and
Albuquerque, New Mexico:
Colorado Rocky Mountain Dancer:
Northwestern United States:
Northern California:
Phoenix, Arizona: Contact Alice Chong 623-428-9666
Southern California: and
Hawaii: Mandala International Folk Dancers, Hawaii Israeli Recreational Dance, International Folk Dancers of Hawaii, and Contra Dance in Hawaii
Misc. square dance sites:,,

Links to LOTS of other sites (what a resource!):

Other general sites that lists where to dance (not necessarily up-to-date):
Bob Shapiro’s site: 
International Folk Dancers of Ottawa site:
Bob Radcliff’s site:

Outside the U.S.  (we’re just beginning to gather this information):
Folk dancing courses in the U.K: dancing in Germany, Austria & Switzerland:

A good site for folkdance in Germany is Not only does the site have a list of all the locations in the Frankfurt area, it also provides many links concerning events in the rest of Germany and the main links for France!

If you want a site added or edited or deleted, please contact the website manager.

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