The NFO’s 2018 Annual Conference

April 26-28, in Haworth, New Jersey,
in conjunction with the Spring 2018
New Jersey Folk Dance Festival

The NFO Conference Committee is working on the 2018 Conference. Bookmark this page and return from time to time to check on updates.

The New Jersey Folk Dance Festival will be held Saturday afternoon in Haworth, New Jersey. Attending the New Jersey Folk Dance Festival will be part of the NFO Conference.


Our Keynote speaker will be Allegra Fuller Snyder. Allegra Fuller Snyder is a dance ethnologist (ethnochoreologist), choreographer, professor and author specializing on dance and culture. Her research focuses on dances among Native American tribes particularly the Yaqui, and on dance among several ethnic groups in Africa and Asia. She is Professor Emerita of dance ethnology from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Snyder is the daughter of noted architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller and his wife Anne Hewlett.

​Steve and Susan Kotansky will be teaching an Albanian dance workshop.

Glyn Webber and Frank Rubin will be conducting a presentation on Folk Dance Music.​ They have a massive collection of dance music, sorted and cleaned it up in an effort to find the cleanest quality copies available. Many people have donated music to their project, including unidentified music, and they will give us an opportunity to help them identify some of it.

Steve Weintraub has offer to host an evening of Yiddish/Klezmer dancing with live music. This will be interspersed with international folk dances.

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