Many NFO members are specialists in a specific national dance and are available for workshops, dance camps, festivals, etc. This is not an all-inclusive list.  If you don’t see a name or dance category, please feel free to contact the webmanager. Someone will assist you in locating a teacher.

Also, many of our members are “generalists” and can teach a variety of dances from around the world. If you need someone like this for an event you are planning, please contact the webmanager and someone will assist you in locating a teacher in your area.

Instructors Type of Dance
Aaron Alpert Israeli Dance
Ed Austin Welsh Step Dance
Farima Berenji Persian and Silk Road
Jerry Duke American Dance
Richard Duree Historical American and International Dance
Helene Eriksen North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, Caucasus and Central Asia, Argentine Tango
Susan Hinkins Scottish Country Dance
Gigi Jensen Dances of Argentina (Tango, Milonga, Chacarera, etc.)
David and Nicole Holcome Czech and Moravian Dance
Gary Larsen Clogging, Step Dancing and International Dance
Regina Laskowski Polish Folk Dance
Roo Lester Scandinavian Dance
Sanna Longden Dances for children and families
Yves Moreau Bulgarian and French-Canadian
Dick Oakes Balkan and International
Lee Otterholt Dances of the Balkans
Donald and Jeanette Pafko Slovak Folk Dancing
Richard Powers U.S. Vintage and Ballroom
Aubree Shelley, T.C.R.G. Irish and International Dance
Loui Tucker Dances of Israel, and International
Todd Wagner Hungarian and Transylvanian

If you are an NFO member and would like to be added to this list, please contact the webmanager

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