Country Dance and Song Society cdss.org

Cross-Cultural Dance Resources ccdr.org

Folk Arts Center of New England facone.org

International Organization of Folk Art iov.world

Northwest Folk Dancers Incorporated (NFDI) is a non-profit “umbrella” organization that promotes folk dancing and ethnic events in the Northwestern United States and around the world. nwfolkdancers.org

The Society for Folk Dance Historians   sfdh.us

Folklore Village folklorevillage.org

Ontario Folk Dance Association ofda.ca

Folk Dance Federation of California, Inc. (North) folkdance.com Besides the list of places to dance in Northern California, it has an ever-increasing number of dance notations available for free. The also maintain an archive of 70+ years of Let’s Dance! magazine.

Folk Dance Federation of California (South)   socalfolkdance.org
Besides the list of places to dance in Southern California, it has publications, contacts, history, forms, dance notations, videos, and a calendar.

Dance Camps and Workshops

This is a partial list. For a more comprehensive list, go here.

Stockton Folk Dance Camp folkdancecamp.org  Over 65 years old and still attracting hundreds of dancers from all over the world every July/August. The website also has links to dance videos and syllabi and individual dance notes from past years.

Jim Gold International jimgold.comInternational folk tours. Jim Gold organizes Folk Tours to countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia several times a year.

Southwest International Folk Dance Institute swifdi.org Sponsors an annual summer folk dance camp (“August Camp” in Socorro, N.M., just south of Albuquerque.

Kentucky Dance Foundation–Kentucky Dance Institute, International Folk Dance Camp and Music facebook.com/KentuckyDanceInstitute

Scandia Camp MendocioScandiaCampMendocino.org Scandia Camp Mendocino is a week-long camp for those interested in the folk dance, music, and culture of Scandinavia, especially Norway and Sweden.  Each summer since 1980, some of Scandinavia’s most distinguished teachers have come to share with us their cultural expertise and infectious love of their dance and music traditions.

Pinewoods Camp pinewoods.org is a dance camp in Massachusetts held June through Labor Day.

Costuming and Accessories

Traditional Czech Costuming and Accessories www.dvorana.cz

Romanian Folk Costumes and Accessories www.costumes.ro

Other Resources

Sanna Longden, Videos, music, books, teaching tips, and resources for those who teach folk dance in schools and communities. sannafolkstyle.com

Nikola Clay specializes in the dances of West Africa, but teaches a variety of dances from around the world at schools and libraries. DVDs and other resources on her website: danceordie.us/

David Millstone maintains a site with links to videos, music, writing, etc.  davidmillstonedance.com

Bob Shapiro’s site kansasfolk.org/folkdance (he’s based in Kansas) has an interesting collection of articles, a list of where to dance, dance notations, lots of dance-related materials.

The Folk Dance Federation of Southern California now houses Dick Oakes’ extensive collection of also has a collection of dance-related materials – including costumes, articles, biographies of dance teachers/leaders, pronunciation guides, and sheet music.

Contemporary Balkan and Western Asian music found Elderly Instruments elderly.com/ or call Chris Rietz at 517-372-7880.

This website learntodance.com includes step-by-step videos to help anyone learn different dance styles. International folk dance isn’t specifically on the list, but you’ll find other specific dance styles.

Want to work on your hula?  Try hula-dance-tutorials, which includes an interactive list of hula dance tutorials for all levels.

DancersAmongUs.com is mostly about the book of the same title, but if you click on the “Photos” link there is a fascinating slideshow featuring many of the photos in the book. It definitely makes you want to buy the book! There is also a sample video showing how some of the photographs were taken. Delightful! DancersAmongUs.com

Dance-kids.org is designed with young dancers in mind. The organization is based in England, so some of the real-life events are not actually accessible, but there are dance stories, photos of dancing (which you can turn into wallpaper, a postcard or a sliding puzzle), games related to dancing, quizzes, and contests. There is a little folk dance included in the ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, etc. Go explore with a child you love! dance-kids.org/

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