NFO Member Sanna Longden offers FolkStyle Productions DVDs and CDs. They are a valuable source  of enjoyable and educational ethnic dances for those who teach in schools, communities, and beginning IFD groups. Visit or email

The Pinewood Band has both CDs of their music and a 350+-page book of sheet music. Check out their website Pinewoods International Collection.

“Music for Your Favorite Folk Dances, “The American Renaissance Series of Barbershop and Early Pop,” and “Balkanalia,” printed tunes from Village & Early Music Society, published by Richard Geisler. Although Richard has died, his publications are available at Lark in the Morning

You can read more about Richard here.

Putumayo World Music has a wonderful collection of CDs. Visit    It’s a record label and online store featuring reggae, Afro pop, folk, Celtic, and world beat artists and CDs. Multicultural educational kit for children. Titles include:

  • GYPSY GROOVE – Balkan beats and gypsy jams from the dance floors of Eastern Europe and beyond
  • CELTIC CROSSROADS – Ancient traditions meet modern technology in this captivating overview of contemporary Celtic music.
  • CAJUN – Putumayo journeys to bayous of southwest Louisiana for this joyous collection of Cajun party music

Michael Herman’s Records Again Available 
Stew Shacklette reported at the recent NFO Conference in St. Paul that his Folk Dancer Record Center (Michael Herman’s collection) is now open for mail order business.

As reported in the NFO News (July-Sept 1997), Michael Herman’s records–all 71,000 pounds of them–were donated to the Kentucky Dance Foundation, of which Stew is president.  He has built a storage facility in Brandenburg, Kentucky, and with an inventory database created by his son, Troy Schwartz, and invaluable help from his wife, Kathie, is now able to sell the MH records as well as other labels that Michael Herman had.

Contact Stew for a catalog or specific recordings at Folk Dancer Record Center, 6290 Olin Road, Brandenburg, KY 40108; 502/422-3655;

Smithsonian Folkways, the non-profit record label of the Smithsonian Institution, offers several thousand recordings of traditional music on their website also offer a number of instructional videos and free media on the site.

The Folkraft series of CDs that includes music from many of its original record albums–or not– is now on-line here.

Ninety-nine Polish dances can be found on two 90-minute cassettes produced by Ada Dziewanowska, to accompany her book, Polish Folk Dances & Songs. Cassettes include 12 extra tunes for your listening pleasure and inspiration. $29 for set of 2, plus $2 postage; book, with autograph, is $39.50 plus $3 for postage.  Contact Ada, 3352 N. Hackett, Milwaukee WI 53211; 414/964-8444.

Norsk Limited is an excellent source of Norwegian and Swedish music and some books available in the US at

Rokdim is a web-based Israeli music and video store.

Note: Most dance teachers have music and videos available. For example, Yves Moreau has a collection of videos and CDs for sale. If you are looking for material introduced by a particular teacher, contact him or her directly.

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