Join or renew your NFO membership today! Consider purchase of a gift membership in the NFO for a dancer or dance organization in your life! Here is a map created in December 2020 showing where current NFO members live.

Annual Membership Dues*

Column 1 Price
Student $15 US
Individual $30 US
Household $40 US
Recreation and Performing Groups $50 US
Institutions $50 US
Festivals $50 US
Lifetime Membership $1000 US
Honorary Membership See below
Library Subscriptions $15 US

Honorary Membership. The NFO has an Honorary Membership category. The purpose of the Honorary Membership in the National Folk Organization is “to honor individuals who have provided extraordinary and long-term service to the National Folk Organization and/or its mission.”

If there is someone in your community who has made extraordinary contributions to your dance community, present their name and biographical information to the membership committee, along with two letters of recommendation for consideration. The nominee need not be a member of the NFO. Nominations will need to include the following: (1) contact information for both the nominator and the nominee; (2) the reasons for the nomination, and specifically how the nominee fulfills the guidelines; (3) a brief biography with emphasis on aspects that support the folk arts; (4) at least two letters of support for the nomination; (5) any other supporting documents felt appropriate.This is an opportunity to recognize a leader in your community, share their contributions, and enrich the NFO.

We hope you will take this opportunity to join NFOPlease print out the Membership form page, include a check to NFO for the appropriate amount of dues, and send them to:

NFO Membership Services
15221 N. CR 400 E.
Eaton, IN 47338                             If you use the PayPal option (see below), please email information to

Dues and application information are both required for a new membership to be processed.

If you are having trouble seeing the Membership form page, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is free and is found at

You may pay annual membership dues via the button below. The payment will be billed to your PayPal account or a credit card. Members renewing their membership do not need to provide a membership form UNLESS changes have been made in contact information. If you are paying membership for a group, please include the name of the group with the payment.

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